Automatic Testline for Power Semiconductors

The main parts of the Testline are the robot cell for device handling and optional laser marking, the Testline itself for secure contact to the
devices and finally the Test equipment.
The robot handles the devices from a feeding tray into the laser box and does after all tests the pass / fail sorting depending on the results from the testing database. Different tests are integrated in the Testline.

For example:

  • Flatness test of Base plate (+/- 0,005 mm)
  • Isolation Tester (5,0 kV AC, 10 mA)
  • Dynamic High Current Test (up to 1000 A, 2000 V, 8 Channels)
  • Static Parameter Test (3000V, 600 A, 69 Channels)

The Testline can be applied for different devices through a quick adapter exchange in the individual Test stations. The robot is equipped with a fully automatic gripper exchange system for different devices. It is always possible to adapt the design and functionality of the Testline to your requirements as well as the requirements of the test equipment. The Test stations are available as offline station with drawer.

Automatic Testline for Power Semiconductors
Automatic Testline for Power Semiconductors
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