The CRS Smart-Inline-Testhandler is a special gateway for offline to inline production. Due to the full compatibility with the GPS pneumatic test fixture WA-P-3001, there is the possibility to use the fixture for both systems.
Result: No extra fixture costs!

The Smart-Inline technology is based on maximum flexibility. Furthermore the smart development provides you with a cost conscious price for the gateway to the inline production. The testhandler is built for a medium number of pieces.

Because of easy handling, the fixture can be changed in about 1-2 minutes. Furthermore the base is designed for rack and stack test systems with 19 inch components. The width of the Smart-Inline is the same as its big brother, the spindle drive IPS19-2, making upgrading possible for the future. The Smart-Inline-Testhandler basic model comes complete with PLC and operator panel. SMEMA standard, Barcode integration is possible.

Smart Inline Testhandler
SMART Inline Testhandler
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