Automatic ink marking unit & industrial hand marker

CRS Prüftechnik offers marking systems for the quality areas.

Fast drying hand markers and automatic marking systems.

Automatic ink marking unit Mini-Marker

The automatic marking unit Mini-Marker is designed for integration in production and test applications.

The Mini-Marker provides reliable, low-cost ink marking with minimal maintenance and improved quality impressions.

  • marking of non-porous surfaces (printed circuit boards, metals, films, glass, foils...)
  • fast drying, self-inking inspection stamps
  • easy integration and application
  • sealed self-caping for uncontinous operations
  • print size (IM 116)
  • high quality rubber face moulded to any customized configuration
  • quality marks with spring loaded “kiss touch” pressure sensitive print head
  • 1000 marks per refill
 Automatic ink marking unit Mini-Marker
Automatic ink marking unit Mini-Marker
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Insta Mark

CRS Prüftechnik offers a fast dry hand stamp and automatic marking application for quality control marking.
The self-inking and refillable InstaMark stamps are used for non-porous surfaces.
Insta Mark - the cost effective and process solution for industrial marking.
This technology provides flexible marking without a separate stamp pad.
Insta Mark is the best solution for clarity and definition marking on non-porous surfaces (PCB, connectors, devices, sheet metal, cable channel, thin film plastic, plastics and photos, and more).
The inks are epoxy and UV resistant. They have a good adhesion in connection with its fast dry characteristic.

Insta Mark
Insta Marker 10 und 16
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