IPS 25-Agilent 3070 with integrated board handling

The CRS testhandler is designed for the test system Agilent 3070. It is equipped with following functions and features:

  • Probe force 4000N
  • Double side probing
  • Test pad D > 0,7mm
  • Dual stage fixtures
  • Test jet application
  • Short wire fixture
  • Easy and quick fixture change
  • Compact fixture kit
  • Integrated barcode reader
  • Easy maintenance for test system
  • Pass-Fail sorting
  • Integrated back transport of Fail-PCB to rework
  • Operator panel

The IPS 25 is specially designed for 3070 test sytem. The test system is fully integrated under a bridge construction.


Mode of operation:

The PCB’s are buffered on two separate conveyors with an integrated barcode reader. After reading the barcode, the board moves into the contact area. The contacting unit consists of a four spindle servo drive.

The main advantages of the spindle servo is the free choice of the traverse path and the contacting speed depending on the PCB

Furthermore multilevel contacting is possible without extra costs.

The special fixture design offers the basis for many additional applications. For example both side contacting, test jet, alignment tools and many others.

After the test the board moves to the next conveyor for the next process. The communication between test system and testhandler is via RS 232. Both components have an ideal connection due to the serial interface, which assures an easy and safe operation.

IPS 25-Agilent 3070 with integrated board handling
IPS 25-Agilent 3070 with integrated board handling
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