Test-Line-19 (TL19)

The TL19 (Test-Line-19) is a fully integrated compact Inline testhandler in the CRS 19" rack. Due to this arrangement it is possible for the customer to place the test equipment in the 19" rack without problems. Keeps everthing neat and tidy.

The TL19 machine is based on a one stroke pneumatic drive, whereby the top and bottom probe plates can be independently driven.
The width adjustment for the conveyor is adjusted with a handwheel. The conveyor speed is flexibly adjustable using a turning knob.

Due to the self-explanatory operating elements and the maintenance free working process, the TL19 is a perfect solution for testing low and average amounts of PCBs. A Siemens PLC with „One key operation“ is integrated for ensured running. Because of easy handling, the fixture can be changed in ca. 1 minute. The fixtures are coded through the interface.

Test-Line-19 (TL19)
Test-Line-19 (TL19)
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